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The Origins of Mastercard

The Origins of Mastercard

(And an overview of a global industry)

Agostinho Campos Ferreira

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«This is, by far, the most detailed history yet written about the development of MasterCard and of credit cards in general. Representing years of scholarly research, this book is clearly and passionately written in a format that is attractive to readers of all backgrounds. Adding to the appeal of this book are numerous images, many in color, of credit cards as they evolved over more than a century, as well photos of the pioneers of this highly innovative industry. a must-read for those interested in business history, credit cards, banking, financial technology and innovation».
Lewis Mandell

«This book is a learned study of credit cards that stood at the heart of Western civilization in the twentieth century. It is an excellent prosopography of early credit cards as personal financial instruments of credit for consumption in the U.S.A. and Europe. Observation on credit cards is extensively presented and illustrated in beautiful pictures and are fairly well distributed across countries and time. (…) the book is a comprehensive study of male and female social attitudes and consumption habits (from fuel for automobiles, to recreational trips, restaurants, hotels, and shopping). This is also a new book on the role of IT hardware and software routines, and it is a necessary reading for anyone wishing to understand the historical role of these technological matters».
Maria Eugénia Mata

«Agostinho Ferreira has done the masterpiece of presenting a high standard academic book, scholarly written, but still understandable for everybody. He is able to write the history of MasterCard not only into the history of credit cards, but also into a history of money and credit as a whole».
Ola Honningdal Grytten

«What you have written is really superb. You have explained beautifully the origins of credit cards and have put it in an historical context that is educational, fascinating and enlightening, not just about the credit card, but also about changes in technology and society that enabled it to happen. You've also captured the spirit of cooperation among competitors and the hard work of many individuals who had the long term vision to make this possible».
William [Bill] O. Rudd

Ano de edição: 2018

Páginas: 328

Coleção: Álbuns

Dimensões: 22,9 x 29,8 cm

Encadernação: Cartonado

ISBN: 978-972-36-1670-5

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